About our Company

We started CleverLocal to design, implement and manage market leading online stores to rapidly deliver rapid and sustainable revenue growth to our client base. The CleverLocal team now provides our merchants with a unified view of their online business across all sales channels. We enable customers to easily manage products, inventory, orders, payments, customer relationships and leverage powerful analytics.

Mobile commerce is everything and consumers now expect to be able to transact anywhere, anytime on any device and the experience needs to be simple, seamless and secure. Consumers are accustomed to the standards set by the largest and most innovative online stores and expect a comparable experience with all merchants without exception.

We build our stores bespoke with detailed analytics to address the growing challenges facing clients, with the aim of making previously complex tasks simple. We use predictive intelligence to maximise sales and chat bots to increase conversions. We believe a unified and intelligent e-commerce platform is critical for all of our clients as they accelerate investment in the increasingly competitive online market place.

Our solutions are able to manage large spikes in traffic from events such as new product releases, holiday shopping seasons and flash sales with proven 99.9% availability.

Our passion is to make commerce better for everyone and we believe we can help merchants of nearly all sizes and retail verticals realise their true potential.

We have a large team of talented designers, developers, project managers and digital marketers ready to grow your business online today !

Please Contact us for a free bespoke design and consultation with one of our senior ecommerce experts.

Phone: 1300 217 670
Fax: +612 9699 2100