Landing Page Design

A good landing page design is an integral part of any online store’s campaign. Potential clients will be drawn to a landing page that tells them, at a glance, everything they would need to know about your brand. This would include all the benefits your brand has to offer and all the features that set you apart as a business. All these have to be presented in clean, attractive graphics. As such, landing page design and development is something businesses need to invest wisely on.

Landing Pages at the Forefront

Traffic to websites is now increasing rapidly in the digital age, owing in no small part to the rise of marketing through social media and search engines. With SEO practices, paid search ads, and social media campaigns in full swing in many online stores, it’s relatively easy to get someone to pay a visit on your site. However, traffic itself would not be very useful for companies unless the visitor actually interacts with the site. This is where the landing page comes in.

Managing traffic effectively is achieved through the implementation of a good landing page, since it is the very first page that prospective clients see when they visit your site. In order to hold the attention of your visitor, you need a well-designed page that looks appealing and user-friendly. This will help you turn your traffic into something of value, ultimately leading to conversion.

Through the landing page, visitors can make an action, whether that’s registering for email newsletters, contacting the company or sending inquiries. A good landing page will be able to guide the visitor effectively in all these things.

What makes a Good Landing Page?

The effectiveness of a landing page constitutes several factors. The top element that a landing page must have is its ability to assist a visitor to understand what to do. This is the reason why landing pages must have concise, comprehensive and informative content that visitors can readily consume and understand. Through this, the visitor can easily follow what to do and both sides can achieve something valuable.

A/B testing, in particular, plays an important role in optimising landing pages for conversions. This split testing technique allows you to compare two versions of a web page and see which one performs better for more results.

Good landing pages are laid out in a set of beautiful graphics, pictures, buttons and fill-up forms. Many landing pages encourage visitors to sign up for something or make a first purchase in exchange for significant discounts or a free item. Performing this process in the most convenient way is what a good landing page does.

Other important factors include great visual presentation, resulting in a professional look that visitors will trust. This is a critical element, as you’d want your visitors to have confidence with your brand instead of feeling overwhelmed by your site.

Get a Bespoke, Effective Landing Page at CleverLocal

CleverLocal has over 15 years of experience delivering modern and functional designs, taking online stores to the next level. We implement fresh and high quality designs for landing page development to facilitate high conversion for your store.

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