Google Shopping

Get great exposure opportunities for your business with our Google shopping service. We use the most popular Google retail product optimisation to get your images and description displayed at the top of each search page.

Google Shopping for Online Businesses

Google Shopping is the paid shopping search engine of Google, designed to let users get the best results and query options for as much as possible. It is a fully paid cost per click (CPC) engine that allows merchants to connect with their relevant target audience.

Google Shopping, as Google’s dedicated shopping search engine, allows people to search for products from online stores. Query results feature product SKUs, prices comparison, availability of stock, store ratings and relevant product information.

As opposed to regular Google searches, Google Shopping is exclusive, with only those who pay via Product Listing Ads appearing within the shopping search engine. Results in Google Shopping appear within regular Google query results when there is a shopping match. The results are usually shown in a dedicated shopping box that is combined with regular results, which show a disclaimer that says ‘sponsored’.

Sell Your Products with Google Shopping

Product Listing Ads (PLAs) will help you drive more traffic and more sales to your online store through the showcasing of your product images and information to online shoppers. PLAs also appear in their own prominent box above or to the right side of organic search results on Google. Through Google Shopping’s PLAs, online shoppers can compare prices, discover different items and buy products straight from your store.

PLAs are featured across different devices, ensuring that you can reach your potential customers anytime and anywhere when they shop on the go. Google Shopping aims to deliver the best options for people’s search queries for products, helping online stores connect with the right clients.

Managing Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a comparison shopping engine and is managed based on the specific item, the category it belongs to and the bidding level of its category, as opposed to keyword bidding. As such, businesses will manage their Google Shopping product bidding through their own Adwords login, while sending data feeds through the Google Merchant login.

With its Cost Per Click (CPC) principle, Google Shopping will be charging businesses for each click made. As opposed to requiring a minimum rate for CPC, Google will base ranking on the bids the merchants choose for their items. As such, sellers who bid with a higher rate will potentially have higher rankings for their products than their competitors.

Google Shopping at CleverLocal

Here at CleverLocal, we deliver a great Google Shopping experience for your online store. We implement your items’ images and details at the top of search results to attract more customers and more sales to your online business. With Google Shopping, you’ll get more exposure in a paid shopping search engine and experience more conversions. With CleverLocal’s expert assistance, you’ll:

  • Showcase your products effectively and reach your target audience
  • Get exposure at Google’s premier shopping search engine
  • Get your products prominently displayed on organic search queries