Display Advertising

We create brilliant banners on the most popular websites related to your online store, generating successful campaigns with remarketing and retargeting. Get your online business recognized with our display advertising service, increasing the interest to your brand.

Display Advertising Explained

Display Advertising is an online advertising technique that encompasses several forms, which includes rich media, banner ads, and more. Quite apart from ads that are text-based, display advertising takes into account such components as video, audio and images to be able to effectively communicate an advertising message.

As a graphical advertising avenue, Display Advertising on the web appears next to email, web pages, and more. These advertisements are commonly known as banners, coming in with standardized ad sizes, and may include logos, images, content and quite recently, rich media.

Rich media, also referred to as interactive multimedia, is basically enhanced media that comprises of images, content, audio, video, animation, still images and other content that directly interacts with the ad’s recipient.

Advantages of Display Advertising

Display advertising is somewhat akin to ads in newspapers and magazines, but they appear online. Like TV commercials, display advertising can go from static to interactive.

Display advertising has targeting options designed to cater to behavioral and demographic aspects to narrow down on the target audience. It also lets businesses track their campaign performance on a daily basis and measure relevant metrics such as clicks, conversions for ROI and impressions.

Data is collected across many external websites to know deeper about a user’s online activity. Through this, a detailed picture can be made of the user’s interests to analyze where targeted advertising can be delivered.

  • Get your branding cycle complete

    With online display advertising, you’ll be able to complete your branding circle. With countless people using the Internet, there is a vast amount of potential for you to open new opportunities for your business to attain growth and expansion. By going with display advertising, you effectively round out your branding cycle, which could include TV, print and radio.

  • Less costs

    Advertising is an expensive venture, which would rack up more costs when a business signs up for a long-term advertising contract. Often, online stores only need short exposures for a particular campaign, such as the promotion of a special event or an upcoming sale. With display advertising, the duration can be as short as necessary, with less costs and more opportunity for control and changes based on performance.

  • Remarketing and retargeting

    With display advertising, you can get more chances to capture your target market through remarketing and retargeting. It’s a great way of introducing your product or service again to your target audience and convert them the second time around.

CleverLocal’s Display Advertising

CleverLocal employs only the best strategies to get you the most effective display advertising for your online store. As a premier digital marketing agency, we deliver:

  • Engaging custom design
  • Low cost per conversion on Australia’s most powerful display networks
    • Fairfax
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Yahoo
  • Fresh designs and modern looks
  • Advertising that is guaranteed to draw your prospects to your store