Quick Steps to Determine the Success of your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an undying strategy to get in front of customers. It is the most direct style to connect and build an excellent foundation in the process. It is also ubiquitous that approximately 3 billion people are using it now as of writing. Indeed, it is a forefront strategy that markets efficiently no matter how many platforms have come a long way in marketing, too.


Business goals are important for better ROI. But, how do you know if you have achieved your goals?

How do you measure the success of your email marketing campaign?

To evaluate the performance of your email marketing strategy, here is how to keep track on your benchmark:

Reduced bounce rates.

Bounce rates come in two forms – soft and hard, but has the same negative impact on your delivery rate. As the marketer, take a closer look on your messages and determine the culprit why it cannot reach your subscribers’ inbox. Was it too long? Was it boring? This might explain the reason of your soft bounce rate.

Or, focus on the relevance of your call-to-action to interest subscribers. Allow your CTA to outstand other unnecessary backgrounds in order for recipients to identify their needs immediately. Issues like technicalities may also trigger the hard bounce rate but as the marketer, part of your sole responsibility is to reduce the rates that threaten your job.

Empowered conversion rates.           

This is an ultimate basis of an email’s effectiveness. Turning your subscribers as potential customers is a positive contribution to the overall success of your campaign. The moment your subscribers clicked on your call-to-action, it’s a sure sign that you are achieving the goals for the day.

One easy and simple technique in improving your conversion rates is through avoiding highfalutin words as much as possible. Convey clear and concise messages to your recipients for a more harmonious and effective marketing process. You can find out top email marketing strategies here.

Expanded list growth rate.

Besides conversion rates, keep track on your list growth rate, too. With an increased list growth rate, you can expand your campaign to bigger number of subscribers. Additional contacts and networks will aid you in leading a more productive email marketing campaign. Your email list could grow bigger. So, don’t be afraid to grab every opportunity that you can. Be reminded that a positive increase in your growth rate is a success builder, too.

Resolved unsubscribe rate.

Respond to alarming unsubscribe rates immediately because this might be a mini threat. Those who unsubscribe chose to leave your email list and might find your campaign uninteresting. Determine the possible issues behind and fix it right away for more efficient deliverables.

Eradicate wordiness on your messages which may be one of the top reasons why your campaign fails. Check out some content writing mistakes to avoid this type of problem.

Resonated click-through rate.

This one measures how many times the link in your email messages were clicked. If the rate on this aspect goes high, then you are assured that you are doing a great job. Email marketing delivers various type of messages everyday that’s why results and rates also differ from time to time.

Despite this fact, set a benchmark on your messages as basis of your strength and weaknesses. Also, never forget that the more relevant and interesting are your messages, the more you can attract recipients and eventually turn them into potential customers.