Our Process


We organise a convenient time to discuss your online requirements so that we can create a detailed e-commerce plan for your business. We need to understand your online goals, budget and existing infrastructure so we that we can recommend the best possible solution for your organisation.


Our design team will then present you with our recommendations on how we can improve your online store presentation. We show you how to increase conversion rates and navigation with a focus on mobile responsive display. This is based on our experience in store design with A/B testing on our live cutting edge retail client base.


We then prepare a proposal that details the exact number of hours and the specific tasks required to complete the build for your new online store.


We discuss the proposal and initial design brief with you and answer any queries you may have and implement your feedback with any changes you would like us to complete.


We then schedule a kick off with meeting with invested parties so we can share all your ideas, feedback and passion for your brand and develop the best possible look for your new online store.


We then move onto the development of your store where the code is written and the new design is implemented based on the selected platform. We complete the connectors and integration to any of the existing or new technology products to complete your new automated online sales ecosystem.


The new implementation is then thoroughly checked by our quality assurances team for optimal display and function on all screen sizes (desktop, smartphone and tablet) as well as on the most popular internet browsers. Checkout tests are completed and a report is submitted to the development team to correct any identified errors.


Final check is completed by your project manager and the QA team.


The new store is handed over to your team for final approval and submission to ‘GoLive’. We then publish your new online store and complete the migration from your sandbox.


A support program is then implemented based on the number of hours per month we recommend for your business to secure the optimal performance for your new online store. We also activate all the market tracking and automation to ensure marketing activities are delivered with a clear ROI.

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