6 Overlooked Content Writing Problems Writers Should Avoid

With content marketing business, everyday is an evolution. The industry faces vast changes from time to time; expanding growth, development and scope.

Growth doesn’t happen without changes. Changes which reflect both success and failures. Changes that challenges the business’ foundation. And somehow, challenges that shape better and bolder content marketing industry.


Along with changes are also problems that greatly challenged content writers’ ideas and skills. Overtime, problems led writers to create better articles and outputs for a continuous promotion of great content to meet the customer’s demand.

What are these challenges then?

Lack of topic-related content.

Substantial contents are result of broad, interesting topics. An article that is “off topic” loses its ability to market products and maintain an entertaining tone. This may lead to loss of followers and subscribers which is also equivalent to threat and inefficiency to the business.

Writer and reader’s relationship.

Technically, before starting the content, the most fundamental query should be “Who are the audience?” since it is necessary that the writer wears the audience shoes in the process of writing. This serves as a guide for the content to have highly relatable ideas and thoughts.

Since markets vary hugely, it is important that you research the audience, understand the majority of them, and address their main issues and concerns.

If there’s one thing a content writer must understand thoroughly, that’s the reader’s stance.

Too much complex ideas.

Who would prefer to read a content that is full of perplexing and equivocal point of view? Of course, nobody. As your content writing progress, be careful not to maximize all ideas into a single topic – take the stairs step by step. Don’t overwrite facts in one article. Your readers are eager to learn yes, but don’t allow your content to overfeed them.

They may have headache, you know.

Robotic general tone.

Content marketing is one crucial way to communicate as it does not convey facial expressions and hand gestures to give an art of persuasion. Certainly, the tone of the content is the source of a remarkable impression from the readers. A robotic tone of an article may be comparable to a low tide sea – dry and passive.

No attractive waves to pull the reader’s’ attention.

Failure to provide concrete solutions.

One of the main goals of content writing is to provide answers to some of the audience topmost concerns. And the primary objective of the writer is to address these issues and through intensive research, impart solutions that are most doable for the customers.

It could be easily done but the failure to bring out concrete answers is also an overlooked problem. Sufficient, usable information are what the customers highly needed, really.

Inability to explore deeper schemes.

Content marketers are encouraged to go in-depth with words. A marketer who knows deep core information has a sure edge in the industry’s fast competition. Your customers would get hooked and rehooked if the writing potential you have is the type that explores deeper into the ground of clever, unpredictable writing strategy.

Bold, rooted type of content is seldom bland.