5 Must-try Healthy Habits of a Good Content Writer

Offering the same formula of content to your readers is like giving your best friend a red velvet cake every day. Your friend might hardly appreciate the substance and will definitely get used to the taste of the supposed awesome cake.image00

That’s how bland your content would become if you write it in a repetitive cycle. The last thing you would ever want to happen is watching your blog die without doing any rescue when in fact, you have all the chance to do so.

Blogs need to have fresh and distinct content as its primary role is to deliver answers to the needs of the consumers. According to research, 80% of readers browse the introduction of your content while only 20% of them continues to read. That’s not surprising if your content offers monotonous and perplexing thoughts.

To get your writing stint healthy and well-organized for better posts, try these routine to achieve your job goals before the day retires.

Plan your schedule a week ahead.
Erase the cramming scene in your brain. Cramming may lead to production of half-baked output. To avoid this, make sure to organize your writing scheme ahead of time. Whether you will do the research on Monday and write in Tuesday, you have all the luxury to make plans far ahead of deadlines.

Reading is good for the brain.

Constant reading is an exercise that highly stimulates your brain. It is very important that reading becomes a hobby to keep brain cells healthy and strong for a week of exhausting functions. There are many advantages that reading can offer which includes focus and concentration, stress reduction, peace of mind and above all, excellent writing ability.

Set priorities.

Don’t struggle to be the Jack of All Trades, if you can’t. Although multi-tasking is such an excellent thing, starting with the most important goal for the day and achieving it on the dot will probably be a fulfilling achievement. Write one article at a time and slowdown in completing your tasks. Don’t juggle on too many assignments at the same time. That’s why proper scheduling is important.

Take the challenge and do your part.

Everyone has battles to fight for so don’t loom on frustration because your struggles are bigger than you. Don’t strangle on the bottom but rather climb to the top, no matter how muddy. Struggles are present to bring out the best in you and instead take this on the positive note.

Do your best no matter how hard it may be. Beat the odds and break new grounds. What looks like a failure at first is actually success in the end.

Eat, live and write well.

With proper diet and exercise, writing could be fast and easy. Maintaining good physical activities and choosing the right amount of food helps your brain work actively and function consistently. Plus, water is a good therapy too, so you can never go wrong in completing a writing session with this routine.

Vegetable like broccoli and potato helps you build up the vitamins and minerals your brain needs for an all-day brain-drain work. Physical activities are also the miracle source of energy to overcome mentally exhausting tasks. In the end, nothing can really beat a healthy lifestyle.