The Growth Gap between Traditional and Digital Marketing

What is Traditional Marketing?

From the word “traditional”, traditional marketing has to involve the “old-style” ways or process of advertising. It comprises perceptible items such as newspaper ads, magazines, posters, brochures, etc. It can be any means to brand your product or logo except using digital devices.

Despite the fact that digital marketing has been fast expanding, it is safe to say that still, it has a place to occupy in the market today.

What is Digital Marketing mainly about?

This is the influence of the advancement of technology. Digital marketing has absolutely grown rapidly because of the massive technological influence. Its branding involves websites, social media, Youtube videos, banner ads, etc. People can do research to find business in social network by reading content blogs or articles and that’s one way of establishing rapport and trust between producer and customer relationship.

Is there a lifelike balance?

Digital and traditional marketing shouldn’t be compared with each other merely because they function inversely. Looking closely in traditional marketing, you can spot an unreceptive participation of the audience for example, in a 10-minute commercial ad. An audience may watch it but will not relay significant reaction to the ad. Plus the fact that, traditional marketing reliably connects to local audience although not limited to.

However, in digital marketing, branding invitations through Facebook likes, comments and shares, are more interactive and full of zip. Netizens can react accordingly and give feedbacks not just through Facebook but also through a lot more of social media channels. Undeniably, digital marketing can connect to infinite audiences in the entire globe.

How effective is traditional marketing?

This form of marketing is about taking the initiative to bring the service or business to your customers through print media and other traditional forms of advertisement. You can also get to interact with your possible customers face to face. There is greater assurance that the customer himself can experience his desired products first-hand so he can decide promptly whether to purchase something or not.

How good is digital marketing?

It is very convenient and not time-consuming. Digital marketing is only one click away, as they say. Since people are spending a lot of time in social media, it is not difficult for this form of marketing to overflow expansively. Also, digital marketers need only fundamental creative skills to reach out to all potential customers out there. Unlike print media, product blog posts need to be fresh and relatable to an immeasurable variety of audience. It doesn’t require longer time of editing and proofreading like creative writing in magazines or news in newspapers.

Bottom-line is…

These days, people say that common sense will tell you to invest on digital marketing since it is fast-growing and already overpowering the traditional media. That the world now has a digital foundation so conforming to its demands is the best way you can do to keep up this ever-changing life.

Traditional and digital marketing shouldn’t be overestimated or underestimated. Instead, they should be seen as two potential marketing strategies which are beneficial according to the demand of the consumers. You cannot overestimate digital marketing just because it has a very wide expansion today. Likewise, you cannot underestimate traditional marketing because it has been the strategy used by businesses for decades already now.